C'mon mom

As a child, Emilia Marie dreamt of creating something legendary.

She was inspired by fashion and design. As a young woman she had a vision and aspired to own her own fashion label, so began her Journey to create All Marie.


In the year of 2008 Emilia Marie’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This put a huge hault in her world. In the first year of her mom's diagnoses, the words "C’mon mom" were said every day to ensure that her mom would stay in the fight and win her battle with breast cancer. 


Through surgery and radiation in 2010 she announced her mother was in a full state of remission. Through her mother’s experience, she realized the struggles and found out there was even more of the aftermath that follows the treatment of the disease. Emilia Marie came to realize that self health is not the only aspect of being that can be altered through this disease but self image can be severely altered and even destroyed.


In getting back to her business side Emilia Marie decidYour Linked to incorporate her excitement for fashion to also help cancer stricken women. Remembering the words she uttered to her mom the non-profit C’mon Mom.com was created.


Today along with creating AllMarie.com, she is able to serve breast cancer stricken women everywhere through her non-profit C’mon mom by committing to, with every bra purchased through AllMarie.com Emilia Marie gives 10% to C’mon Mom.com, and in return gives woman new hope by providing prosthetic bras for women in need (due to a mastectomy).


Emilia Marie would personally like to invite you to support AllMarie.com and C'mon Mom.com on a quest for enhancing the self-image of breast cancer stricken women.


 cmon mom